@RayRaySaadiq x @KCRW #WhoShotRocknRoll Concert

The last in the series of KCRW’s “Who Shot Rock n Roll” concerts featured Raphael Saadiq and Band of Skulls celebrating songs from “Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan”.  Although it was a short performance by one of my favorite artist, I was able to snap a few pictures and get some footage of the evenings adventure with Raphael and his band. We didn’t stay for Band of Skulls but it was still a great evening. The people were all in sync with one another, the weather was perfect, and the location was appropriately thought-out…Enjoy.

If you get a chance, make sure to check out the actual exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography

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Tried to upload a few videos for you to see the dance battle between Saadiq and his band members as well as Charles taking us to CHURCH…I have to UP grade to do that, so until then hope you enjoyed the pictures.

#PARIS Day 1

Here are a couple of places I’ve been in Paris, “The City of Lights”.  This amazing city is filled with so much flavor but most importantly, so much history!!!! Buildings here are 100 of years, no CENTURIES older than our COUNTRY!!! Just standing in these buildings have a way of transporting you to the past. Those who know me, know that I studied Architecture for a while, so don’t be surprised by the selection of snaps I’ve taken of the sexy detailed buildings.

I am truly being a tourist, exploring all the touristy places and seeing EVERYTHING a foreigner would see. There is absolutely no shame in my game in busting out my camera in front of the Effiel Tower or being la queue (standing on line) in Versallies to get into King Louis XIV, XV, and XVI Palace. I say, grab it by the cajones and go for it. You only live once and if done right who cares!!! I hope you enjoy looking at Paris through my kaleidoscopic view.

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Hip Hop is Still Alive!!!

When I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. You all know how big of a Hip-Hop head I am… Who would I be, NOT to post this video? True Hip-Hop heads will fully understand what I am talking about when you see it.

Now, hit play and hold on to your wigs…

Just imagine when he starts using words that we understand… SMH