Night Catches Us

I am looking over my shoulder as I write this post. I, well we (me and my sister), had the opportunity to see this film back in June of this year, at the African Black Film Festival and being part of the festival, it was free. That’s not the issue.  It was one of those crazy weekends full of must see indie movies, high energy entertainment (D-Nice and Idris Elba shut down LIV at the Fontainebleau), and I can’t leave out all the excitement that the FIFA World Cup was giving off. With all those distractions, I may have accidentally misinterpreted the time wrong and…well, damn it we missed it! Ok, I said it so there. I dropped the ball.  I have to admit my sister was not a happy movie-goer about that.  See, we grew up in an entertainment family (film and music) and we get a little competitive when it comes to seeing a film or hearing music way before another family members does (I know, crazy right?).

When we returned home to our father bragging about how great this movie is, with stellar performances from Anthony Mackie (please DON’T sleep on him), Kerry Washington, an unbelievable musical score by The Roots, noteworthy performances from the other cast members (I see you Tariq Trotter), and let’s not touch on all of the awards/recognition it has received, this surely didn’t help my case out one bit.  So, you’ll understand why I’m covering my back; this might bring up some unresolved feelings from my sis.

Anyway, the good thing about my little mishap is, the film premiered on the 29th of this month on, On Demand and on iTunes before it’s December 13th release. There is a price attached to it but hey,  I am all about supporting Black Films, Black Filmmakers, and Black Actors. Hopefully First Weekend Club will have a screening for this soon. If you haven’t joined/signed up to become a member with First Weekend Club (see “4 All Filmgoers“) make sure you do after reading this post. This is a “MUST SEE”.