@RayRaySaadiq x @KCRW #WhoShotRocknRoll Concert

The last in the series of KCRW’s “Who Shot Rock n Roll” concerts featured Raphael Saadiq and Band of Skulls celebrating songs from “Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan”.  Although it was a short performance by one of my favorite artist, I was able to snap a few pictures and get some footage of the evenings adventure with Raphael and his band. We didn’t stay for Band of Skulls but it was still a great evening. The people were all in sync with one another, the weather was perfect, and the location was appropriately thought-out…Enjoy.

If you get a chance, make sure to check out the actual exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography

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Tried to upload a few videos for you to see the dance battle between Saadiq and his band members as well as Charles taking us to CHURCH…I have to UP grade to do that, so until then hope you enjoyed the pictures.

#Cool Sitings: Blogs

I originally started this post back in January of this year and was never really able to finish it. Don’t ask me why or what happened…short attention span maybe?

Anyway, today I was motivated to finish it but from a different angle. Initially I was going to only focus on black blogs (not the color silly, the people that run them!) but decided to focus on those on my blogroll and ones I virtually stumble across. So, as I always say “Sharing is Caring”; my other one is “If It’s Free It’s Me” (I actually have to credit my homegirl Sandy Nelson /The Camden Media Agency for that one) just in case you were wondering. Here, I share with you, my “Daily Roll-bys”; that’s actually what I want to name my blogroll but don’t know how to change it yet; working on it.

Street Etiquette : It’s funny when I first went to their blog I just knew they were from Europe. NOPE!!! These Bronx brothas sense of style takes you back to when things were dapper, clean, and well manicured. These aficionados of vintage wares, throw a current twist to their styles. Take a cruise on over to their site and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Make sure you take a look at Black Ivy a project they put together with like-minded cats; it will really blow your minds. I truly appreciate the quick history plug at the end of their post regarding the featured fashion.

Where Did You Get That? : Karen Blanchard is a stylist in New York and has a peerless sense of  fashion; in other words, she has her OWN style.

Ronda Brown Art: Gotta plug my folks.  For all lovers of art and every configuration of  it, this mystically baptized  artwork is a must see. It will definitely move you. Check out her “Mic” series of hip-hop artist she’s photographed in action and then converted into malachitesque oils.










Frolab: Afros unite! Jewell and Cognito are LA locals who are heavy contributors of musical art. What that means is, they are dope graphic designers, photographers, and promoters of the hip-hop scene but with a fresh anomalous approach… I am proud to say, I’ve been FroSpotted and have earned my Frolab badge.  Spend a day in the life with these two and you just might up your value in hip-hop culture.  Love their mentality, “Pick Fros not Fights! is their motto.

BHERC (Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center): I’ve posted about this site previously. Remember, this is the home to First Weekend Club. If you haven’t taken a trip over there yet you are doing yourself an injustice. Great resource site for those looking to get into the Hollywood scene or anyone already involved. Wonderful place to get your projects exposed and out to the public.
Ok, I know it may seem like I did focus just on black blogs/bloggers with this post but I have more to share with you. I promise, there will be more “Cool Sitings” posts coming soon. Also, leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite “Roll-bys”. Remember “Sharing is Caring”.


I was perusing my blog and realized that it was a little…sterile. A little detached from who I am. I want to approach my blog a little different this year, I feel it can be more personal, more tangible, and  A LOT more updated. I was going through my film from 2010 and snagged some of my most memorable moments of the year and wanted to share them with you all. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them and being in the moment.  So, bear with me as I make changes here and allow me to expose to you more of what I do.

Hope to see some of you tonight at Eso Won Books for a night with the great Ms. Nikki Giovanni…

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Wordsmiths & Visionaries….

ESO WON Bookstore~Leimert Park, Los Angeles, CA

This Friday and Saturday evening (1/7 & 1/8), come out and support 2 of our communities (and the world’s) most pronounced figures in literature and film at Eso Won Books, as they read, discuss, and sign their latest books… Ms. Nikki Giovanni & Mr. Spike Lee!!! This time I’ll have my cameras with me, so if you can’t make it out, roll back through to my blog and you’ll see what you missed out on.

*Show your support and purchase your copies at Eso Won Books.

I can’t believe it’s been over 20 years since this movie was released. This is going to be classic moment in time to hear Spike Lee discuss how it all went down back in the day. (1/8/11)spike-lee-do-the-right-thing-book100 of the BEST African-American Poets and Hip-Hop, the perfect combo, right? With Nikki Giovanni reading , it’s just more added flavor to these already fly groups of wordsmiths. (1/7/11)

Nikki Giovanni_Hip Hop Speaks to Children

For Colored Girls “Living Portraits”

I received an email from First Weekend Club’s John who received an email from Jean at Brigade Marketing…whew!!..regarding the posters for, “For Colored Girls”.  I am sure you all by now have seen at least ONE for the movie. Well, Lionsgate  has taken it to another level by bringing the 8 women to life through their character’s posters and created “Living Portraits”.

Tim Palen, Lionsgate’s Marketing Chief and an accomplished award-winning Photographer has produced an online gallery to showcase his artwork for the film. In addition to the virtual gallery, the “Living Portraits” will be on display, October 24th-27th at the prestigious Lehman Maupin Gallery, located at West 26th Street Manhattan in New York. Opening night will be hosted by none other than Ms. Janet Jackson.

Take a virtual stroll through the gallery, I have to admit, this is a very creative and unique way to market this film. Seems like a pretty heavy movie awaits.