@TheGrammys WeekEnd

It took me a minute to post this because I didn’t quite know how to upload my videos (yes, I will be posting videos now!!!) but after wearing my geek cap, I figured it out, kinda…yeah so what if it’s almost a week later.

I was NOT planning nor expecting to be out and about Grammy week, AT all!! But LA was bursting out of her seams with numerous nocturnal activities to attend thanks to  The Grammys.  Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and I am soooo glad that I did. It started Friday, no Thursday night at BHCP Live! . What was supposed to be a performance with El DeBarge (hope everything is OK with him, ijs) turned out to be a mini soul concert with two dope vocalist; Rachelle Ferrell and Ledisi. BHCP Live! is really playing it’s part in trying to bring real music  to the community nonetheless… for FREE!

Friday night, Kiss n Grind & Walk Talkin’ s Pre-Grammy Jammy (I posted it so, get mad at yourself if you didn’t go) with Vikter Duplaix, Eric Roberson, and none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff!!!  I had never seen Jeff do his thing before and when I say this was a delicious musical cornucopia, it was a TREAT. Jeff is silly, no stupid, no RIDICULOUS on the 1’s & 2’s. He played nothing from the 2000’s (yayyy!!), strictly the 80’s, 90’s and even some 70’s throwbacks. It felt like I was back in the day hangin’ out in my sister’s room listening to  some of her MANY records she’d copped from her record store runs (yes, I said record store).

Then there was Saturday… I had no idea how I was gonna do it but I did. I got passes to get into one of the hottest shows during Grammy week…The 7th Annual Roots Jam Session!! The Music Box’s stage was PACKED with so much talent; Chaka Khan, Estelle, Ana Tijoux, Too Short, Betty Wright (she actually busted a rap), Taj Mahl, Chuck Brown, Lalah Hathaway, Anthony Hamilton, Raheem DeVaughn, Dougie Fresh of course The Legendary Roots Crew backing everyone that the blessed the stage and many more performers.  You are just gonna have to check out my video of the evening to fully understand what was experienced that night. I will say, I was a little salty with my digi equip. Halfway through the evening, my camera stopped working and I ran out of battery life on my Flip, so I wasn’t able to capture some of the performers like Dougie Fresh who closed and shut down the night and yes he did HIS version of  “The Dougie”.

Anyway, hoped you enjoy what I was able to get and remember, here is where Your Fortune to Fun starts (check out my “Happenings” page).

*who were your Grammy picks?

*Ok, don’t talk about my skills on the camera. I got a Flip for Christmas and I’m still working out the handling and editing, work with me. Geesh give a girl a chance!

*Happy B’day weekend to my Sister and Bestie Kerri!!!!

Celebrate #MLK Jr.

The graphics on this  poster are so fly, I  had to post it. If you happen to be in NYC make sure to drop in on Giant Step’s night with Questlove on the 1’s and 2’s and Yameen Allworld on the mic ..skills!!


I was perusing my blog and realized that it was a little…sterile. A little detached from who I am. I want to approach my blog a little different this year, I feel it can be more personal, more tangible, and  A LOT more updated. I was going through my film from 2010 and snagged some of my most memorable moments of the year and wanted to share them with you all. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them and being in the moment.  So, bear with me as I make changes here and allow me to expose to you more of what I do.

Hope to see some of you tonight at Eso Won Books for a night with the great Ms. Nikki Giovanni…

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Night Catches Us

I am looking over my shoulder as I write this post. I, well we (me and my sister), had the opportunity to see this film back in June of this year, at the African Black Film Festival and being part of the festival, it was free. That’s not the issue.  It was one of those crazy weekends full of must see indie movies, high energy entertainment (D-Nice and Idris Elba shut down LIV at the Fontainebleau), and I can’t leave out all the excitement that the FIFA World Cup was giving off. With all those distractions, I may have accidentally misinterpreted the time wrong and…well, damn it we missed it! Ok, I said it so there. I dropped the ball.  I have to admit my sister was not a happy movie-goer about that.  See, we grew up in an entertainment family (film and music) and we get a little competitive when it comes to seeing a film or hearing music way before another family members does (I know, crazy right?).

When we returned home to our father bragging about how great this movie is, with stellar performances from Anthony Mackie (please DON’T sleep on him), Kerry Washington, an unbelievable musical score by The Roots, noteworthy performances from the other cast members (I see you Tariq Trotter), and let’s not touch on all of the awards/recognition it has received, this surely didn’t help my case out one bit.  So, you’ll understand why I’m covering my back; this might bring up some unresolved feelings from my sis.

Anyway, the good thing about my little mishap is, the film premiered on the 29th of this month on, On Demand and on iTunes before it’s December 13th release. There is a price attached to it but hey,  I am all about supporting Black Films, Black Filmmakers, and Black Actors. Hopefully First Weekend Club will have a screening for this soon. If you haven’t joined/signed up to become a member with First Weekend Club (see “4 All Filmgoers“) make sure you do after reading this post. This is a “MUST SEE”.