A Tribute 2 Sweet Lady Tee

This past Tuesday night an intimate group of fans, family members, colleagues, and close friends were present at The Grammy Museum for a tribute celebrating the life works of the gone-too-soon, great Teena Marie; “Wild and Peaceful”. In the house performing some of Ms. Brockert’s  classic hits were, Shanice Wilson-Knox (she went in heavy on her version of “Deja Vu”-my all time favorite song), Faith Evans (“Ooo La La La”), Lalah Hathaway (“I Need Your Lovin’), Dee & Traci (2 of  Teena’s background singers) performed requests from the audience, and spoken word artist (and my friend) Sonja-Marie opened the evening, performing an original piece created especially for the tribute.

George Duke, Scott Galloway, Aundrae Russell, and making her first official appearance since Teena’s passing, Alia Rose (Teena’s daughter) were the panelist for the evening. Each one shared with us their personal experiences and gave their insight to whom the true Teena Marie was. After wiping away my tears (of joy of course), the one thing that I found amazing from the panelists was, that Teena still had her concerns about how the world would accept the embodiment of a deeply soulful singer, a passionate performer, and a compassionate creator in the form of a white woman. It’s a funny thing, when I think of Teena Marie, I don’t see or hear color. I just embrace the connection that she had for the energy we call music and give thanks that I was able to be touched by what she left with us. Remember this post ?

I got a little footage from that night, bear with me and look pass the heads (well the really big one), the shaky camera handling, and other stuff; I did it on the sneak. I couldn’t resist, it was such a bittersweet evening to be a part of.

Next Up: Raphael Saadiq @ The Grammy Museum

Remember to stop by the museum and check out the Hip-Hop Exhibit. We were allowed to stroll through briefly on the way out and I have to say, The Grammy Museum is really trying to represent the culture.

Spreading Her Wings

I was at a true lose for words when my niece told me yesterday that Lady Tee passed away. I still can’t wrap my head around it. Her songs remind me of my childhood. Her voice reminds me of being carefree, no worries, no concerns. Damn, the power this tiny lady had in her gift of song!
I was fortunate enough to see her perform one year at Magic’s Mid-Summer’s Night Gala but even more blessed to have been invited to her house for a party. Teena took me and my friends in a treated us like family. That’s just how she was.
I’ve told my family several times when I make my transition from this world for them to play “Deja Vu”, so today this post is my request to her.
Miss you Teena!!!