Alvin Ailey

This is a wonderful thing! I am all for the arts especially for the youth (seeing that they are being striped away, scaled down, and almost non-existed at the schools). I was at my daughter’s school the other day I got really excited when I saw the poster for this.

Alvin Ailey is holding auditions for their 2011 Junior Division Summer Intensive Program (click here for audition dates in your area). It’s a 5 week program from June 27-July 29 2011, for dancers with at least 3 years of consistent training, ages 12-15. For more information click here. Also, while you’re on their beautiful web-site (the images are breathtaking) check out the dates for their North American Tour and the historic “Our Story” time-line; Mr. Ailey set the bar (no pun intended) pretty high! Gotta love it!!!