I was perusing my blog and realized that it was a little…sterile. A little detached from who I am. I want to approach my blog a little different this year, I feel it can be more personal, more tangible, and  A LOT more updated. I was going through my film from 2010 and snagged some of my most memorable moments of the year and wanted to share them with you all. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them and being in the moment.  So, bear with me as I make changes here and allow me to expose to you more of what I do.

Hope to see some of you tonight at Eso Won Books for a night with the great Ms. Nikki Giovanni…

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Heavy Rotation…

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Putting some oldies and newbies into heavy rotation this week. Never can get enough of any of these….

Blakula!~Blakula! Permanent Midnight: I LOVE everything about the 70’s. This album is the epitome of that time; revisiting the big funk band sounds and psychedelia flavor. It’s African pulsations+Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters’ energy+Blaxplotation swagger. Sho you right!

Mos Def~Mos Dub produced by Max Tannone: Woke up to this one on my mind this morning. Had to add it to the rotation. Mos is DEF and Max shuts it down with his mash-up stylings on this album as well as the others in his impressive collection. I’ll probably be adding those into heavy rotation later.

Omara Portuondo~ Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portundo: Snatched this up soon after my visit to Cuba. She is so Cuba, so elegant , and so passionate!  This is the perfect way to tighten up on your spanish.

John Legend & The Roots Crew~ Wake Up!: Need I go into detail? You already know how I feel about this album, if you missed out on my rant you can catch it in September’s archives.

Wake up!!!

John Legend & The Legendary Roots Crew Listening Session with Spoken Word Artist Christopher Hines~Barnes & Nobles~The Grove

Soul music is, really a lost art form. Gone are the days when you turned on the radio and your ears where meet with music that…filled your soul. Live instrumentation, layers of emotions, perfectly pitched vocals that didn’t need the assistance of auto-tune (that’s what it was initially designed for), and a purpose to be saying something….Memories.

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