#HipHop History Lesson…

Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey

This weekend don’t miss out on something mayjah!!!!. The opening of,  “Hip-Hop: A Cultural Odyssey” exhibit at The Grammy Museum. Named and fashioned after the book (dropping 2/8/11) bearing the same title, this is one of the first exhibits ever of its kind. The exhibit takes us back in the day (4 DECADES to be exact) and pays homage to the pioneers of  Hip-Hop. On display-LL Cool J’s kangol, Grandmaster Flash’s turntables, original handwritten rhymes by Tupac, and many other artifacts.  This is something that all the youngins need to visit for a rich history lesson.  The exhibit will run until May 5th and sure to make an unprecedented impact on the music community and others. This is such a great reward and compliment, considering that this genre of music was just a passing fad…suckas!!!

All true Hip-Hop heads are sure to represent…I’ll be there in my fat laces and a fuzzy kangol!

*Sidenote: Keep DJ Kool Herc in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Dungarees for All ManKind

7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale~LA Convention Center~Downtown Los Angeles, CA

7 All Mankind Jeans Warehouse Sale

Starting tomorrow 7  For All Mankind Jeans will be having their denim sale. Well, actually starting Friday it will be open to the public, tomorrow is invite only. The first day of the sale, the jeans start at as low as $65 losing $10 each day until Sunday. Make sure you sign up and RsVp with The Warehouse Sale to be included in this sale and future sales. This trip is so worth it, the lines are usually around the world, so make sure you get there early. Of course you know why, because admission is F.R.E.E!! Remember if it’s free, it’s me!!