#Cool Sitings: Blogs

I originally started this post back in January of this year and was never really able to finish it. Don’t ask me why or what happened…short attention span maybe?

Anyway, today I was motivated to finish it but from a different angle. Initially I was going to only focus on black blogs (not the color silly, the people that run them!) but decided to focus on those on my blogroll and ones I virtually stumble across. So, as I always say “Sharing is Caring”; my other one is “If It’s Free It’s Me” (I actually have to credit my homegirl Sandy Nelson /The Camden Media Agency for that one) just in case you were wondering. Here, I share with you, my “Daily Roll-bys”; that’s actually what I want to name my blogroll but don’t know how to change it yet; working on it.

Street Etiquette : It’s funny when I first went to their blog I just knew they were from Europe. NOPE!!! These Bronx brothas sense of style takes you back to when things were dapper, clean, and well manicured. These aficionados of vintage wares, throw a current twist to their styles. Take a cruise on over to their site and you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Make sure you take a look at Black Ivy a project they put together with like-minded cats; it will really blow your minds. I truly appreciate the quick history plug at the end of their post regarding the featured fashion.

Where Did You Get That? : Karen Blanchard is a stylist in New York and has a peerless sense of  fashion; in other words, she has her OWN style.

Ronda Brown Art: Gotta plug my folks.  For all lovers of art and every configuration of  it, this mystically baptized  artwork is a must see. It will definitely move you. Check out her “Mic” series of hip-hop artist she’s photographed in action and then converted into malachitesque oils.










Frolab: Afros unite! Jewell and Cognito are LA locals who are heavy contributors of musical art. What that means is, they are dope graphic designers, photographers, and promoters of the hip-hop scene but with a fresh anomalous approach… I am proud to say, I’ve been FroSpotted and have earned my Frolab badge.  Spend a day in the life with these two and you just might up your value in hip-hop culture.  Love their mentality, “Pick Fros not Fights! is their motto.

BHERC (Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center): I’ve posted about this site previously. Remember, this is the home to First Weekend Club. If you haven’t taken a trip over there yet you are doing yourself an injustice. Great resource site for those looking to get into the Hollywood scene or anyone already involved. Wonderful place to get your projects exposed and out to the public.
Ok, I know it may seem like I did focus just on black blogs/bloggers with this post but I have more to share with you. I promise, there will be more “Cool Sitings” posts coming soon. Also, leave a comment and tell me some of your favorite “Roll-bys”. Remember “Sharing is Caring”.

#SuperRich Times…

The other night I attended BHERC and Eso Won Books’, “Michael Schultz Speaks” series with guest Russell Simmons, discussing and signing his latest book Super Rich (posted this one too…you’ll learn). I found out later that this was the inaugural of a growing series to follow. Having the opportunity to work directly with Simmons Monday night,  I could clearly see and hear in his voice the sincerity that only comes from someone who has stopped resisting the natural flow of existence, who has experienced humility and the realization of what life is REALLY all about.

Simmons was very engaging, attentive, and patient.  Even within the enlightened statements, there were sprinkles of  “colorful venecular” which just reminded me that we are all humans working on becoming balanced whole spiritual beings. Sometimes I get lost in the, so-called “being perfect”…to just realize we already are.

Definitely pick up the book and READ it; Eso Won has a few autographed copies on deck. 

Tastebud Thriller Alert: PJ’s Classic Homemade Ice Cream was on deck and it was a show stopper topped with one of Gwen’s Specialty Cakes Mini Sweet Potato Pies!!!! MmmmMmmm!!!

Sidenote:I am happy to say that I survived NBA All-Star Weekend this year. With it being hosted in my lovely City of Angels, I try to avoid going out during these times. I have to admit my sister and I journeyed out Sunday evening to try to catch a little comedy show Beats by Dr. Dre was putting on; only to get to the head of the line (after being online for 40 minutes), next up and turned away!!! Uhhh…WTH?!! Due to…”we’re filled to capacity”, MALARKEY!!. If you would’ve seen my face and heard my sister’s “but it’s the principal that I’m talking about” speech it wasn’t a pretty scene. Then to find out later, that Dave Chappelle himself made a surprise appearance!!!! I was hot! Oh well, next time.

From Hustler to Yogi

Super Rich Russell Simmons

BHERC and Eso Won Books have come together again for a night with the God-Father of Hip Hop himself, Russell Simmons. Simmons will be signing his latest book, Super Rich.

I’m actually reading this book now, and I have to admit…it’s a very inspirational read. @UncleRUSH hides nothing and holds nothing back in his tellings of his transforming journey from being a hustler to becoming a yogi (that makes me smile everytime).  Simmons’ extremely candid about his past of, using cocaine, partying all night, and being a ladies man, to his metamorphosis into becoming, first and foremost a servant to humanity and being a clean drug free VEGAN (give it up for the vegans and veggies out there!!! *are those crickets I hear?*).  He is still human, so his love and deep connection for women is a continuous part of his spiritual growth. The meat and potatoes (that’s funny) of the tome takes the reader to a deeper substantial level; a more spiritual approach of what the title implies to being Super Rich and how to have it ALL!!!!

Remember, buy your book in advanced from Eso Won books and come spend the evening with a crazy nutty spiritual individual…not to mention a PAHAIDDD individual!!!!!!

Oh, y’all know me….”If It’s Free, It’s MEEEEE”…This event is FREE (well kinda, BUY THE BOOK!!!!).

4 All Filmgoers

"First Weekend Club""First Weekend Club""First Weekend Club"

With the light nudging out of chocolate faces in Hollywood on the small screen, we must make sure that a shove doesn’t happen on the silver screen. First Weekend Club is doing their part  in making certain that this rough housing doesn’t occur. Their approach:  screening movies to their members before the release dates, in turn using the best and oldest marketing tactic….WORD OF MOUTH. They have the right idea by showing the studios that black films can and do gross just as much as their mainstream counter-parts.

By joining their email list you will be invited to screenings and discussions of the latest movies created by and featuring people of color in prominent roles. Stirring up a buzz on the streets and telling at least 10 of your friends to attend the movies the first weekend it comes out, are the only required membership “dues”, and membership is available for EVERY & ANYONE.

If you are one that likes to see movies before they come out so you can brag to your friends (10+), then you NEED to sign up to be a member of  The First Weekend Club. They have over 10 chapters nationwide and 35,000 members, so I am sure they have one in your parts. If it’s free, it’s me!!! (In this case, you still need to go out on the first weekend to support the flix, that’s when it counts the most.)

Reading & Signing

Terry McMillan Book SigningTerry McMillan~California Science Center Exposition Park~Eso Won Books~BHERC

This must not have been my night, because I was a little late arriving (completely missed the reading), forgot my SD card for my camera and I missed out on the good desserts. With a borrowed camera (good lookin’ out Reyna!), I was able to capture a few pix at the reception of Ms. McMillan and oh yeah, “Mr. McMillan” as she was signing her “Waiting to Exhale” sequel “Getting to Happy” books for her fans, . Terry has this “rawness” about her that I can really appreciate. Terry McMillan Book Signing

She has NO problem letting whomever is around her know how she feels or how she is feeling. At one point during her signing, she got up and walked away saying “I’m tired, I need a break”.  You gotta love that. Of course she gracefully returned and continued with her duties. The funniest part of the evening was watching everyone scampering around asking why in the heck her ex was there. I guess the confusion started on yesterday’s Oprah episode.

Nevertheless, Black Hollywood & Education Resource Center, Eso Won, and The California Science Center put together an enjoyable evening. Make sure you pick up a copy and check to see if  Ms. McMillan will be in your area (here) to get your book signed. One great thing about the evening was it was F.R.E.E!!! If it’s free, it’s me!!!



*Terry’s Rawness: “I believe we were put on this earth to make others happy. And by so doing, we are happier. Some folks interrupt our flow. I erase them.”    I love it!