Heavy Rotation…

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Putting some oldies and newbies into heavy rotation this week. Never can get enough of any of these….

Blakula!~Blakula! Permanent Midnight: I LOVE everything about the 70’s. This album is the epitome of that time; revisiting the big funk band sounds and psychedelia flavor. It’s African pulsations+Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters’ energy+Blaxplotation swagger. Sho you right!

Mos Def~Mos Dub produced by Max Tannone: Woke up to this one on my mind this morning. Had to add it to the rotation. Mos is DEF and Max shuts it down with his mash-up stylings on this album as well as the others in his impressive collection. I’ll probably be adding those into heavy rotation later.

Omara Portuondo~ Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portundo: Snatched this up soon after my visit to Cuba. She is so Cuba, so elegant , and so passionate!  This is the perfect way to tighten up on your spanish.

John Legend & The Roots Crew~ Wake Up!: Need I go into detail? You already know how I feel about this album, if you missed out on my rant you can catch it in September’s archives.