Just a little something about myself you should know…

Michelle Lynn Forbes
Sound Engineer~Marketing & Promotions~Public Relations~Social Hummingbird

If someone told her in elementary school that she would be working in the music industry promoting, marketing, entertaining crowds and even engineering for some of the top artist of our generation, she would’ve probably laughed in their face but secretly anticipated the journey to begin.

THE ’90’s

Having interned at places like Jack Nelson and Associates where she helped manage the lives of Jeffery Osborne and Jermaine Jackson to Captiol Records,opened her eyes to a whole new world of music. At Capitol Records she was under the training of Brenda Jones assisting her in the smooth operations of  the Secondary Radio Promotions Department.  Insuring the continuous spins at secondary radio stations for Mc Hammer (hey, he made that company a lot of cake), BeBe and CeCe Winans, Schooly D, and countless of others. Also having to deal with DJ’s at record pools gave her a first-hand look at the geniuses behind it all…the DJ/producers.

Moving from Capitol Records and seeking a place that had more hip-hop artists, Michelle found an opportunity at Delicious Vinyl.  As Retail Marketing Director during DV’s hey-day, she spent her time marketing, promoting and taking occasional road trips with the likes of, The Pharcyde, Masta Ace, Brand New Heavies and The Wascals (they weren’t signed with DV but J-Swift had his team players close).  At DV she made sure that all the Mom and Pop record stores and One-stops kept their shelves stocked with the label’s artists’ current singles and arranged for the talent to get their fame on, with in-store appearances and signings.

With her love for DJ’s, Michelle’s Nuf Respect Production company partnered up with Tangovision Productions and put together a DJ battle here in LA: The Unfadable DJ Battle. The Battle was held at the infamous Glam Slam and the introduction to heavy-hitters like Dj Q-Bert and Dj Rhetmattic just to name a few sent her on a quest of sound manipulation.

In reality, sound engineering landed in her lap by way of the DJ battle due in part to the sound debauchery during the intermission performance. Michelle felt it was her musical duty to make sure that this never happened again for anyone and boy was she in for a surprise. With a connect from the Dj battle, her journey began at the world renowned recording studio A&M in Hollywood, the birth place of “We Are The World” and the home to Charlie Chaplin (late night in the winter, he would make his appearance known every now and then). Michelle was given the opportunity to work with the The Rolling Stones, Macy Gray, Lenny Kravitz, Ugly Kid Joe, Korn, Dr. Dre, and a countless of other artist.


5 years under her belt at A&M, the studio was headed in the merger direction like a lot of other labels and sound studios during this time. She was asked by Dr. Dre and his team to join them at Larrabee Sound in North Hollywood to finish production on his album (The Chronic 2001) and work with those that demanded his golden production touch; Snoop, Eminem (whom she won a Grammy), Truth Hurts, Rakim, Faith Evans and Xzibit.  Larrabee allowed her to work with other great musical talents such as Lucy Pearl, Raphaael Saddiq, Joi Gilliam, Ron Isley (YES! Mr. BIG himself) and provided her with unforgettable moments and opportunities.

Moving from the music industry into sports and entertainment, she handled marketing, branding, and public relations for pro ballers like Ben Gordon, Zach Randolph, Caron Butler,Kevin Faulk, and several other athletes. This has brought her to sharing her experiences of the places, faces, and spaces they seem to take her.  Enjoy the ride and remember, try not to keep it onthehush-hush, it’s all about sharing the fortune to fun.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. After reading your about me… i kind of felt like you were talking about my future! lol… I just jumped on wordpress….and I’m so happy to be following YOU! Maybe i’ll learn a few tricks of the trade and be right up there with you!


    1. Kamikoko it has been a long journey but well worth it. The industry is so different now but the opportunities it presents is VAST…you’ll be just fine…hey, you already have the right attitude! Thanks for stopping by. You have inspired me to blog again. Stay tuned…

  2. Hi Michelle, Andrea + Simon from Blakula here!
    Please to meet you and ….to read you!
    Many many thanks for the beautiful thoughts on our “baby”, you got into the soul of the project 100% and understood perfectly the different musical aspects of it.
    There are REALLY all our emotions in this work, you got it, mainly personal due to things happened in the past years…literally as Bob Dylan said “blood on the tracks”, pun intended :-), and also passion for the music…
    It’s for people like you that this “job” (as it’s not for the money we’re producing this kind of music) makes sense, and if our music reaches few persons, the mission is accomplished!
    Please keep in touch so write to us, please!
    Thanks again for your time and hope to hear from you sometimes, or meet you personally!

    Kind regards

    1. Andrea + Simon!
      Thanks goes to you for such an amazing project I can fully appreciate the music! The pleasure is all mine! I will definitely be in touch and look forward to meeting you as well. Thanks for stopping by and please, spread the word.


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