Heavy Rotation…

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Had to change the rotation up this week. These joints have definitely been pouring out of my speakers lately. If you don’t have any of them, pick them up, if you have them, dust em off,  pull em out and turn up the volume.

K’NAAN Troubadour: This cat is flava all day to me. Proud of his Somalian heritage, K’naan aka The Dusty Foot Philosopher doesn’t hesitate in letting you know that he keeps it gangsta Somali style but with flare and class. I got a chance to catch one of his live shows about a year ago (thanks Sol Guy!) and he has CRAZY supportive fans. Most people’s favorite is the anthem joint “Wavin’ Flag” but I have to agree with the cats over at Okayplayer, mine is “America” where he teeter-tots his flow from Arabic to English f/w Mos Def & Chali 2Na (2 more of Hip Hop’s paralyzing lyricists)!  This was one of my best holiday present last year, maybe cause my kid gave it to me.

Prince-The Hits 1: Do I really have to go into detail about this one? If so, with all due respect, kindly leave the premises… Thanks for stopping by. SMH

Esperanza Spalding-Esperanza: I first was introduced to Esperanza Spalding at the Playboy Jazz Festival 2 years ago (’08).  Big jazzy sultry voice, big up right bass, and big hair; all in a little package. Scats, a sprinkle of Hip-Hop tones, Spanish, Portuguese and English vocals all with soulful jazz sabor. You’ll fall in love with this astonishingly talented young lady.  Esperanza’s relationship with her up right bass keeps Jazz alive for the younger crowd.

Average White Band– AWB: Someone start a Soul Train Line quick! When I was a kid and Moms and Pops threw this on, I had no idea what the band members looked like, let alone where they came from. All I knew was the funk that was coming out of the speakers made my Saturday morning chores go by a lot faster than usual. Scottish funk, who would’ve thunk it? “Pick Up The Pieces” still holds it top spot for all time jams but since it’s been back in rotation, I’ve got “There’s Always Someone Waiting” on repeat. Sick guitars…

*just creating the soundtrack to my life.

Heavy Rotation…

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Putting some oldies and newbies into heavy rotation this week. Never can get enough of any of these….

Blakula!~Blakula! Permanent Midnight: I LOVE everything about the 70’s. This album is the epitome of that time; revisiting the big funk band sounds and psychedelia flavor. It’s African pulsations+Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters’ energy+Blaxplotation swagger. Sho you right!

Mos Def~Mos Dub produced by Max Tannone: Woke up to this one on my mind this morning. Had to add it to the rotation. Mos is DEF and Max shuts it down with his mash-up stylings on this album as well as the others in his impressive collection. I’ll probably be adding those into heavy rotation later.

Omara Portuondo~ Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portundo: Snatched this up soon after my visit to Cuba. She is so Cuba, so elegant , and so passionate!  This is the perfect way to tighten up on your spanish.

John Legend & The Roots Crew~ Wake Up!: Need I go into detail? You already know how I feel about this album, if you missed out on my rant you can catch it in September’s archives.