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This just in: Because I believe sharing is caring. Here’s an opportunity for animators to create, get exposed, and get paid for it. For more info visit here. Remember when you “make it”, shout me out and let me know so I can brag about you! Now, go out and get it!

The Baddest Cat!!!

"Black Dynamite The Animated Series"

You guys just don’t know how excited I was when I opened up my email from Iroko Entertainment and found these captivating exclusive animated stills of  Black Dynamite waiting for me (good lookin’ Monica & Carl)! Of course I had to share them.

Adult Swim and Executive Producer Carl Jones (The Boondocks and Freaknik-The Musical) are putting in much work flipping the cult feature film sensation and turning it into an animated series. Can we say BRILLIANT move!  Not missing a beat with continuity, the animated series will feature the voice talents from Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley, Clifton Powell, Byron Minns and JB Smoov.  I can tell you now,  just from these stills the series will definitely be one for the books.

For those of you on the Eastside. Comic Con New York (Oct. 9th) will have a panel with Scott Sanders, Adrian Young, and Andre Torres (Wax Poetics) as well as an exclusive first look at  footage from the series. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed paying Black Dynamite a little visit at Comic Con, as a matter of fact, I’m sure it will be in your favor.  Series review coming soon.

"Black Dynamite The Animated Series"

¡Viva La Habana!

I am fiending to get back to Cuba and this animation isn’t diminishing my appetite! Chico & Rita is a mature animated feature that begins in Old Havana (1948) and takes us all over the globe, from Paris to New York to Hollywood.  It’s a sultry story centered around a young piano player (Chico), a beautiful young cabaret singer (Rita), and their passionate desires; not just for each other but for success.  

Just from the trailer you can tell this is a work of art, a visual and aural succulent treat. Opening in UK theatres November 19th this year. Why is that the UK always gets the coolest stuff first?! I can’t wait for this animation to make it across the pond. Look for a review soon.