Check The Rhyme Ya’ll

I love Hip-Hop!  how it has grown and where it is going. Dj’s fly around the world rocking international crowds, artist are turning into actors and becoming household names, and groups are being documented. I remember when documentaries were only for those people, places, events, and times in world  history. Michael Rapport has taken on the mammoth job of producing a documentary on one of the most relevant groups of the late 80’s and 90’s…A Tribe Called Quest called Beats, Rhymes, and Life. Check out the Hollywood Reporter article of the nerve-racking adventure he had at The Sundance Film Fest here. Make sure to come back for a peek at the trailer.


#MOOZ-LUM w/@realevanross and @nialong

No need to write much on this movie, the trailer speaks for itself…this is gonna be a monster and sure to stir up some controversy.

It’s good to see Nia Long’s face again and Evan Ross keeps getting better and better; love him.

Make sure you support independent films and DEMAND for this movie in your city!!

Alvin Ailey

This is a wonderful thing! I am all for the arts especially for the youth (seeing that they are being striped away, scaled down, and almost non-existed at the schools). I was at my daughter’s school the other day I got really excited when I saw the poster for this.

Alvin Ailey is holding auditions for their 2011 Junior Division Summer Intensive Program (click here for audition dates in your area). It’s a 5 week program from June 27-July 29 2011, for dancers with at least 3 years of consistent training, ages 12-15. For more information click here. Also, while you’re on their beautiful web-site (the images are breathtaking) check out the dates for their North American Tour and the historic “Our Story” time-line; Mr. Ailey set the bar (no pun intended) pretty high! Gotta love it!!!

Celebrate #MLK Jr.

The graphics on this  poster are so fly, I  had to post it. If you happen to be in NYC make sure to drop in on Giant Step’s night with Questlove on the 1’s and 2’s and Yameen Allworld on the mic ..skills!!

Wish List

Oh please, oh please, oh please!!! I know Christmas has come and gone and my birthday is close to a year away but I just had to put it out there…If you feel the urge to get me something this would be it.
I spotted these sexy numbers at She Breathes and fell in love. Everyone who knows me, knows my addiction to handbags, purses, clutches, and all of the sorts… I dare you to say these are not the biz…

Designed by accessory extraordinaire, Amalia Mattaor; these evening “dancing” bags are a girls best friend. Designed for those of us that want it all…fun, freedom, and elegance.  The problem is, I have found NO price points!? That can only mean one thing…