For Colored Girls “Living Portraits”

I received an email from First Weekend Club’s John who received an email from Jean at Brigade Marketing…whew!!..regarding the posters for, “For Colored Girls”.  I am sure you all by now have seen at least ONE for the movie. Well, Lionsgate  has taken it to another level by bringing the 8 women to life through their character’s posters and created “Living Portraits”.

Tim Palen, Lionsgate’s Marketing Chief and an accomplished award-winning Photographer has produced an online gallery to showcase his artwork for the film. In addition to the virtual gallery, the “Living Portraits” will be on display, October 24th-27th at the prestigious Lehman Maupin Gallery, located at West 26th Street Manhattan in New York. Opening night will be hosted by none other than Ms. Janet Jackson.

Take a virtual stroll through the gallery, I have to admit, this is a very creative and unique way to market this film. Seems like a pretty heavy movie awaits.


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