Four Boxes

Four Boxes the Movie~Downtown Independent~Los Angeles, CA

Where do I start with this one? Twitter is a funny thing, it really is a great marketing tool and an exposure vehicle for all things creative. When I signed in the other day to my twitter account (@onthehush) I had a new “follower”, @fourboxes. From the picture it looked really creepy, a person with a dark cloth draped over their head just standing there. I wasn’t sure if I was Ok with that but I guess I must be part feline because I was so curious to see what/who this was…I’m glad I did.

Without giving it away, Four Boxes the movie is unassuming, something you would never suspect it to be what it is. Some are calling it the “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” of our time. “The Blair Witch Project” of the net. With these comparisons, I was in. You all remember those movies and how they hit you in a way you weren’t exactly sure just how you felt after the movie was over, well Four Boxes picks up where they left off.  The film is about three friends Trevor (Justin Kirk~Weeds), Amber (Terryn Westbrook) and Rob (Sam Rosen) who run an online auction business, Go Time Liquidators disposing of the possessions of recently deceased people. They move into a house they have to clear out, and discover on the computer a bookmarked website that plays four webcams that apparently are hidden in the apartment of a hooded bombmaker who is unaware he is being watched. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Intricate plot, funny script, the actors are real “characters”, and the concept, I’m still trying to figure out how they came up with it and made it actually work! The filmmaker’s (Megan Huber & Wyatt McGill) approach when they explained it sounded so simple, so simple that I forgot… hey, the film speaks for it’s self. I had a chance to speak to Wyatt, who by the way is a down-to-earth guy and he spoke about how he’s getting the hang of “tweeting” and how they were able to make this film on a $40K budget and favors from friends, they found the house on craigslist (for some reason, that’s funny to me). Just goes to show you, creativity and talent trumps everything else. You might be able to catch Four Boxes at a few independent movie theaters and maybe a few film festivals, if not, you can definitely find the DvD online at Netfilx,, or pick it up at Target and Best Buy.

Take a look at the trailer….

Cult Classic…


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