Do The Math…

Ghetto Physics-Will The Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up.

I have to admit, when I first heard the title last week, I thought to myself, “…not another ‘Pimps Up, Hoes Down’ pimpumentary.”  Then I read the credits and saw names like Cornel  West (he’s my fave), KRS-1, Ice-T, Cynthia Mckinney and E. Raymond Brown, I had to watch the trailer to find out what was really going on.

From his book bearing the same title, Brown  is coming at us with that stuff that’ll make you say “mmm?” in his docudramedy. It’ll make you stop and think about where you are in relations to “the game” and which shoes you’re wearing.  The uneasy reality exposes you to the fact that, you don’ t have to stand out on Figueroa to get pimped. This film is slated to come out on October the 8th (this Friday) in selected markets and nation-wide October 22nd, so mark your calendars and raise yo’ pinky finger. Film review coming soon.

(I had to add two trailers, just to show the different dynamics of the film, enjoy!)


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