4 All Filmgoers

"First Weekend Club""First Weekend Club""First Weekend Club"

With the light nudging out of chocolate faces in Hollywood on the small screen, we must make sure that a shove doesn’t happen on the silver screen. First Weekend Club is doing their part  in making certain that this rough housing doesn’t occur. Their approach:  screening movies to their members before the release dates, in turn using the best and oldest marketing tactic….WORD OF MOUTH. They have the right idea by showing the studios that black films can and do gross just as much as their mainstream counter-parts.

By joining their email list you will be invited to screenings and discussions of the latest movies created by and featuring people of color in prominent roles. Stirring up a buzz on the streets and telling at least 10 of your friends to attend the movies the first weekend it comes out, are the only required membership “dues”, and membership is available for EVERY & ANYONE.

If you are one that likes to see movies before they come out so you can brag to your friends (10+), then you NEED to sign up to be a member of  The First Weekend Club. They have over 10 chapters nationwide and 35,000 members, so I am sure they have one in your parts. If it’s free, it’s me!!! (In this case, you still need to go out on the first weekend to support the flix, that’s when it counts the most.)

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