Heavy Rotation…

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Had to change the rotation up this week. These joints have definitely been pouring out of my speakers lately. If you don’t have any of them, pick them up, if you have them, dust em off,  pull em out and turn up the volume.

K’NAAN Troubadour: This cat is flava all day to me. Proud of his Somalian heritage, K’naan aka The Dusty Foot Philosopher doesn’t hesitate in letting you know that he keeps it gangsta Somali style but with flare and class. I got a chance to catch one of his live shows about a year ago (thanks Sol Guy!) and he has CRAZY supportive fans. Most people’s favorite is the anthem joint “Wavin’ Flag” but I have to agree with the cats over at Okayplayer, mine is “America” where he teeter-tots his flow from Arabic to English f/w Mos Def & Chali 2Na (2 more of Hip Hop’s paralyzing lyricists)!  This was one of my best holiday present last year, maybe cause my kid gave it to me.

Prince-The Hits 1: Do I really have to go into detail about this one? If so, with all due respect, kindly leave the premises… Thanks for stopping by. SMH

Esperanza Spalding-Esperanza: I first was introduced to Esperanza Spalding at the Playboy Jazz Festival 2 years ago (’08).  Big jazzy sultry voice, big up right bass, and big hair; all in a little package. Scats, a sprinkle of Hip-Hop tones, Spanish, Portuguese and English vocals all with soulful jazz sabor. You’ll fall in love with this astonishingly talented young lady.  Esperanza’s relationship with her up right bass keeps Jazz alive for the younger crowd.

Average White Band– AWB: Someone start a Soul Train Line quick! When I was a kid and Moms and Pops threw this on, I had no idea what the band members looked like, let alone where they came from. All I knew was the funk that was coming out of the speakers made my Saturday morning chores go by a lot faster than usual. Scottish funk, who would’ve thunk it? “Pick Up The Pieces” still holds it top spot for all time jams but since it’s been back in rotation, I’ve got “There’s Always Someone Waiting” on repeat. Sick guitars…

*just creating the soundtrack to my life.

A Little Pick Me Up

This has been seen so many times I know but it never grows old; it’s still one of my faves. It’s just a little to long to put for my “Word On The Block”, so I had to post it. Hopefully it will reach someone who has never seen it. Who never needs inspiration in their lives?

Master of the Mix…

You guys all know how I have love for DJs, so I when I was handed the flyer for Master of Mix The Show from Rich Medina at Jump N Funk, I was GEEKED!!!

What happens when you take 7 of the world’s greatest DJs, send them to the some of the fliest places around the world to battle it out on the 1’s & 2’s? You get Smirnoff’s Nightlife Experience “Master of the Mix” reality show.  Premiering November 3 on Centric & November 6th on BET.
Don’t miss out on 8 episodes,7 DJs, and the crowning of 1 Master.

Watching the clip took me back to when I threw The Unfadable Dj Battle yearsssss ago. I seriously can’t wait for this one. Who do think will walk away with the CROWN?…Salute!!!

Homemade Bad Batch…

Hmmm, 1 Jewish girl, 2 Black guys, several “edible”  Kosher brownies, and 1 night. What could possibly happen? Find out tomorrow at the LA Premiere of Bad Batch at the Downtown Independent. If it’s free it’s me….

* Support Independent films, everyone’s vision doesn’t fit in mainstream.

For Colored Girls “Living Portraits”

I received an email from First Weekend Club’s John who received an email from Jean at Brigade Marketing…whew!!..regarding the posters for, “For Colored Girls”.  I am sure you all by now have seen at least ONE for the movie. Well, Lionsgate  has taken it to another level by bringing the 8 women to life through their character’s posters and created “Living Portraits”.

Tim Palen, Lionsgate’s Marketing Chief and an accomplished award-winning Photographer has produced an online gallery to showcase his artwork for the film. In addition to the virtual gallery, the “Living Portraits” will be on display, October 24th-27th at the prestigious Lehman Maupin Gallery, located at West 26th Street Manhattan in New York. Opening night will be hosted by none other than Ms. Janet Jackson.

Take a virtual stroll through the gallery, I have to admit, this is a very creative and unique way to market this film. Seems like a pretty heavy movie awaits.

Puma Social w/Maseo…2NITE!!!!

This is a definite “Don’t Miss Out”. Puma+ De La Soul’s very own Maseo on the 1’s & 2’s+ Table Tennis/Foosball. Pure fun, pure dopeness (Yes, I’m going there), and pure… you-fill-in-the-blanks. It’ll be just like the cool Puma commercials, only this time you’ll be a part of it. See ya there… hurry and get on the guest list. If  it’s free it’s meeeeee! Good lookin on the flyer @paulstewart1!

Four Boxes

Four Boxes the Movie~Downtown Independent~Los Angeles, CA

Where do I start with this one? Twitter is a funny thing, it really is a great marketing tool and an exposure vehicle for all things creative. When I signed in the other day to my twitter account (@onthehush) I had a new “follower”, @fourboxes. From the picture it looked really creepy, a person with a dark cloth draped over their head just standing there. I wasn’t sure if I was Ok with that but I guess I must be part feline because I was so curious to see what/who this was…I’m glad I did.

Without giving it away, Four Boxes the movie is unassuming, something you would never suspect it to be what it is. Some are calling it the “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” of our time. “The Blair Witch Project” of the net. With these comparisons, I was in. You all remember those movies and how they hit you in a way you weren’t exactly sure just how you felt after the movie was over, well Four Boxes picks up where they left off.  The film is about three friends Trevor (Justin Kirk~Weeds), Amber (Terryn Westbrook) and Rob (Sam Rosen) who run an online auction business, Go Time Liquidators disposing of the possessions of recently deceased people. They move into a house they have to clear out, and discover on the computer a bookmarked website that plays four webcams that apparently are hidden in the apartment of a hooded bombmaker who is unaware he is being watched. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Intricate plot, funny script, the actors are real “characters”, and the concept, I’m still trying to figure out how they came up with it and made it actually work! The filmmaker’s (Megan Huber & Wyatt McGill) approach when they explained it sounded so simple, so simple that I forgot… hey, the film speaks for it’s self. I had a chance to speak to Wyatt, who by the way is a down-to-earth guy and he spoke about how he’s getting the hang of “tweeting” and how they were able to make this film on a $40K budget and favors from friends, they found the house on craigslist (for some reason, that’s funny to me). Just goes to show you, creativity and talent trumps everything else. You might be able to catch Four Boxes at a few independent movie theaters and maybe a few film festivals, if not, you can definitely find the DvD online at Netfilx, Amazon.com, or pick it up at Target and Best Buy.

Take a look at the trailer….

Cult Classic…