Reading & Signing

Terry McMillan Book SigningTerry McMillan~California Science Center Exposition Park~Eso Won Books~BHERC

This must not have been my night, because I was a little late arriving (completely missed the reading), forgot my SD card for my camera and I missed out on the good desserts. With a borrowed camera (good lookin’ out Reyna!), I was able to capture a few pix at the reception of Ms. McMillan and oh yeah, “Mr. McMillan” as she was signing her “Waiting to Exhale” sequel “Getting to Happy” books for her fans, . Terry has this “rawness” about her that I can really appreciate. Terry McMillan Book Signing

She has NO problem letting whomever is around her know how she feels or how she is feeling. At one point during her signing, she got up and walked away saying “I’m tired, I need a break”.  You gotta love that. Of course she gracefully returned and continued with her duties. The funniest part of the evening was watching everyone scampering around asking why in the heck her ex was there. I guess the confusion started on yesterday’s Oprah episode.

Nevertheless, Black Hollywood & Education Resource Center, Eso Won, and The California Science Center put together an enjoyable evening. Make sure you pick up a copy and check to see if  Ms. McMillan will be in your area (here) to get your book signed. One great thing about the evening was it was F.R.E.E!!! If it’s free, it’s me!!!



*Terry’s Rawness: “I believe we were put on this earth to make others happy. And by so doing, we are happier. Some folks interrupt our flow. I erase them.”    I love it!


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