Abbott Kinney is Funkeee

Abbott Kinney Festival 2010~Venice, CA

DaM FunK Abbott Kinney Festival 2010

DaM FunK's background singer...Abbott Kinney Festival 2010

DaM FunK Abbott Kinney Fest-Feeling the Funk

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it out to the Abbott Kinney Festival 2010 yesterday as planned but my photog homeboy (Corey) was front and center. He was able to snap some great pix of DâM FunK , Master Blaster and the crew (there were quite a bit of pix of the background singer…thinking, maybe he had a little crush on her?), and the festival’s crowd (see pix page).  I love how Dâm Funk gets so into the music with his “something smells Funky Face”. Someone say P-Funk, cause I wants to get funked up. Dâm, they have no idea what is about to hit em with all this funk!


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