New Findings

PJ London~Designer Resale~Brentwood, CA


I love, love, love finding new places to get “old” things. Well, this place is not so new and the clothes are not so old. High end classics would be a better way to describe what you’ll find. PJ London has been around close to 30 years, way before it was the chic/hip thing to resale wares. Anyway, the pieces in this store are incredible. She has everything from vintage Chanel jackets, Dolce & Gabbana (gypsy skirt), designer handbags (I almost lost my mind), to Ralph Lauren (long leather wrap skirt). The one piece that would’ve made me an employee of the shop was a burnt red leather reversible YSL cinch waist jacket…that was pure butter!!!

Vogue Treasure Chest

Of course you have to move quickly because nothing stays for long in the store. So, if you’re ever in Brentwood make sure you drop in for a treat. Ask for Judith, she is an amazing conversationalist with a high fashion IQ, she’s my fave.


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