Wake up!!!

John Legend & The Legendary Roots Crew Listening Session with Spoken Word Artist Christopher Hines~Barnes & Nobles~The Grove

Soul music is, really a lost art form. Gone are the days when you turned on the radio and your ears where meet with music that…filled your soul. Live instrumentation, layers of emotions, perfectly pitched vocals that didn’t need the assistance of auto-tune (that’s what it was initially designed for), and a purpose to be saying something….Memories.

Barnes & Nobles at The Grove in Los Angeles and Columbia/Sony Music gave a sneak peek tonight into what to expect come September 21 with the release of  “Wake Up!”, John Legend and The Legendary Roots Crew‘s collaboratory (is that a word? now it is) mission to bringing soul music back, especially at a time when we need to feel good about something. They dug into the crates and covered soul classics from the 60’-70’s, from Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Harold Melville and The Blue Notes, Bill Withers, and many more. You will not be disappointed with the feel, the sound, or the messages. Making appearances on the album besides the lyrical guerilla Black Thought are Common and Melanie Fiona ( Wake Up!) and CL Smooth (Our Generation).

The night was well put together with the added flavor from spoken word artist Christopher Hines delivering between song selections, thought-provoking antidotes that weren’t preachy or self-righteous. *Snap, snap* Chris, you did your thing! Oh yea and I do LOVE ME!

When you pick up the album (go out and buy the album y’all, even if it means you have to save up) make sure your Black Power fist is high in the air at the register.

One thought on “Wake up!!!

  1. I totally agree with the review of Legend and the Roots’ new CD. It’s really hard to find “real” music these days and I found myself bobbin’ my head, closing my eyes and really feeling moved by the music. I would suggest everyone go out and get this one. You can’t go wrong with any cut. I was also at the B&N event and Chris Hines’s spoken word was a nice touch to the listening vibe. Sony did its thing with this one….

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