our forte…

John Forté-The Hotel Café-Hollywood, CA




After seven years on “hiatus” it was good to see and hear from John Forté. As many may know, John was away for awhile due to a stint he had to serve for getting a bad deal from making an irresponsible decision. But he is out and ready to share with the world what he has learned and discovered while he was away… Himself.

Last night, John shared, John. With a small crowd of folks that gathered in a small dark bar in Hollywood, CA. He spoke to us as if he knew us first hand. He shared and expressed with us his thoughts, his insecurities and his fears. Completely raw and accepting of himself and his journey.

He wears his thoughts on his sleeves, with eyes that hold sweet sadness, and a voice that speaks of new-found love, a new-found love of life. John shared tracks from his new EP Stylefree. Just him and his guitar. He giggled, he interacted, and he expressed his appreciation for life. There were times you were so caught up in thinking about what he was thinking and what exactly he has seen, that you forgot about him and reflected on your own appreciation for life. For that, John has begun his purpose to serve the crowds.

His words were those of a wise man who has taken the time to gain knowledge of self and a distinct that voice flowed effortlessly as he went into “Play My Cards for You“, “Nervous“, “Autumn Love” (I believe that was the name, this one is beautiful), and a nice ditty he revamped, “Running up that Hill” by Kate Bush (unfortunately you’ll only be able to catch this one at a live show or on youtube). John expressed exactly what a true artist is all about, the music. Humble in his asking and plugging of his artistry, he displayed that he much rather play than promote and much rather give antidotes than market himself.

Well, Mr. Forte, that is what we are here for, to do that for you. Go and get your hands on a copy of Stylefree EP and play it for your grandkids, the sage like reflective street knowledge that he spits will definitely endure the test of time.

Glad to have you back JF!!!!


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