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elixirs and mixers
elixirs and mixers

DJ Cut Chemist-“Saturdays off the 405”-The Getty Museum


Off the 405 freeway perched high up on the mountain, right before the climb to the valley, sits a majestic place called The Getty Museum. The Getty is probably one of the most easily accessible and beautiful places in Los Angeles but once combined with music, drinks, and an open air pavilion it transforms into an adult playground! 


“Saturdays off the 405” (formerly, Fridays off the 405) is extremely generous with their offerings and yesterday TONS came out to receive it. Those of us that were able to make it through the chaoatic directions from the bureaucratic LAPD, with all the twist and turns trying to get parking (many TREKED the distance), who weathered the hike up the hill instead of waiting on the tram, were greeted with the funky, hypnotic grooves that DJ Cut Chemist was brewing up. The set up was amazing and befitting for such a mastermind of sound. The multi-media combination of lights, sound effects, and video screens made for a science lab where experimentations are bound to explode over the heads of the unrealizing. Cut Chemist did things with beats that only a scientist is capable of. Mixing just the right amount of rare grooves and converting them into funk, techno joints. Pulsating bass lines and sound effects forced bodies into an ineluctable groove beyond the pavilion.

There are many that use multi-media concepts to stimulate the crowd however, when you fuse the phalangical (just made that up) work of Cut Chemist with Cinefamily’s VJ  Pimpadelic Wonderland an enterprise is born. Pimpadelic dug DEEP to bring out footage that worked perfectly with the set. Vintage cartoons of pimps, Super Bad bitches with pistols, and funky bass players hovered over head, distracting and hypnotizing all who laid eyes on them. It may sound crazy but this show was well worth the other nonsense we had to go through.


Jackin' 4 Beats
Jackin’ 4 Beats

The beauty of this event, is it gives local Los Angeles artist the opportunity to rock a large crowd of music lovers who may have never heard or known about them. You have options of taking a tour of the museum’s current exhibits, eating good food at the café,

Sucka Punch
Sucka Punch

and drinking spirits all to an unforgettable soundtrack. Cut Chemist busted out with something he has never shared with his followers in the US, his quick sapid finale dedicated to the late great Nat King Cole, left you wanting more and more, and more.




hushin’ bombs on ’em!


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