20 years strong and rising!!!!

De La Soul-Key Club-Hollywood,CA


20 years….20 years? 20 years! has it been that long? It’s true, time flies when you’re having fun and fun is what we’ve been having with De La Soul, hip-hop’s royalty !

2 MC's & a DJ
3 The Hard Way

Just into the second stop on their, ” 20 Years High and Rising Tour“, Posdnuos, Trugoy, and Maseo are already setting cities on fire. 3 men, obviously on a mission of re-teaching and reinstating everyone who has forgotten what hip-hop is about. Backed by the 10 piece band  Rhythm Roots All-Stars NOTHING is stopping them during their tour of duty.

Where do you start when you are speaking on a group that has stayed together for 20 years…. as a GROUP?!  They’ve held on tough together as a unit when most groups barely make it through their recording sessions. Who else has continuously given musical and verbal punches without losing scope of the foundation of Hip-Hop… staying true to what is real?  De La has been giving us hit after hit of verbal manipulation for 2 decades and they never get old.  They’ll never be out dated but to see them live in your face takes it to a whole different level. It takes you to the place where you first heard De La Soul…to the block, the bus ride to school, KDAY radio and shear happiness. From the time they took to the stage, we were captapulted  back in time when music  held substance, definition, and meaning without being preachy or lack luster.

The 3 piece outfit commanded the stage like the veterans they are. Vocals flawless, performance packed with electricity, and extremely humble and appreciative for their loyal fan base. Never have I seen an artist or group give thanks in such a modest way. As true blue loyal fans, we get it; we grew up with them, experienced a time when we all were trying to make sense of everything. Testing the waters of life trying to see how we could  leave our distinctive buoy in the sea of drones. Posdnous thanked us for being there when times were tough for them and according to him, there were plenty of those. But even through those times, they still shared with us their musical magic.


With Rhythm Roots All-stars backing them, De La performed on a “grown-up” level, (I had to laugh when Pos said..”damn y’all I’m old…WE’RE old!”) flipping classics like “Stakes is High”, “Potholes in my Lawn”, “Saturday” (they killed it all night but this one!!! whoa), and “Buddy” into jazzy numbers but, even with maturity, the kid inside always wants to come out and play. When the All-Stars took their “mandatory union break”….De La circa 1987 emerged with crazy high energy from all three members, just how they used to do it back in the L.I….with just 2 MC’s and a DJ! They couldn’t wait to bust out into “Me, Myself, and I”,Jennifer Taught Me” and “All Good“, giving a lovely shout out to Ms. Chaka Khan.

Consistency is the only way possible to be able  to etch your mark and stay in a game where your next meal is in the hands of a fickle community. De La keeps it real in such a way that isn’t cliché, by closing their performance with their birth names; Kelvin, Dave, and Vincent, 3 ordinary guys, with extra-ordinary passion to rock the crowd with hip-hop proverbs. No matter what their age is, De La ain’t going nowhere but higher.


 “…too old to rhyme to bad too late” ~Dove




quick note~Maseo hit the plates at a club awhile back where there were just a handful of people and he stated…”I’ll rock a crowd 20-20,000!” and believe us he WILL!


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