Picture Perfect

David Streets-Fine Arts Gallery-Beverly Hills


Only Michael Jackson is deserving of being added to a fine arts gallery. David Streets Gallery is running an exhibit titled “Remembering Michael”, which started on Wednesday July 8th and runs through Thursday August 6th.  Photog Gregg Cobarr is sharing his precious photos with the public for the first time since he photographed The Jacksons back in 1978. 


The photos range in sizes from 6’x4′ to 8″x 10″. Taken at their first home in Westlake Village during their transition from Motown Records to Epic Records when they arrived in California in ’78. Raw, exposed, and peaceful are the photos.  Happy everyday people are the subjects. Family pictures with Jackie, Marlon, Tito, Randy, Michael, and a 12 year old Janet (looking like Penny from “Good Times”) riding on the lake in their boat, adorn the walls as well as individual photos of Michael “The Heartthrob”.  The emotions that you’ll feel as Michael’s music is played through out the gallery will make you do exactly what the title of  the show instructs….”Remembering Michael”.




*a bit of trivia, Michael was ballin’ even back in 1978. At 19 years young, our man Mike was clocking an unbelievable amount of $100K a MONTH!!! Y’all REALLY think he’s broke? Silly if you do.


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