DO Whatcha like!!


For all that know, what needs to be said? For those that don’t, ya’ll need to jump aboard!! Onthehush-hush has recruited many Do-Over goers, that they have boarder line become addicts of the “groove”, so why should you miss out? The Do-Over brings it every year…”The Soundtrack to Summer” as we here like to call it! Featuring guest DJs from around the globe every Sunday from 2pm-10pm, at Crane’s Tavern in Hollywood, CA  and for FREEEEEE! The only requirements needed here are patience (the line can be discouraging at times) and the ability to groove for long hours!          

DOing It
DOing It

This Sunday, was no different! The weather was beautiful, Aloe Blacc  was hyping it up, and the sounds were right! By the time we got in (please can you explain the line?) Stones Throw’s Dj Mayer Hawthrone  was handling his own, playing 45’s left and right! I have never seen an entire set (well, almost) done with just 45 records. Don’t be fooled by the black framed glasses, this Michigan native made you feel grown and sexy.  JRocc (another Master of the 1’s and 2’s from Stones Throw) followed up behind him making us sweat as if we were running a  marathon in the middle of  a heatwave. JRocc’s infamous boogie behind the wheels, makes you wonder what he hears in his headphones and you’re hoping you are privy to hear it next.  Also hailing from Michigan, wrapping up the night was Jeremy Ellis (what are they putting in the water out there)! Freestyle is the best way to put it when it comes to this cat!  He performs his WHOLE set LIVE with beat machines and his own vocals. His set ranged from funk, techno, jazz, soul, and house.  It was simply mesmerizing!

If you never have, you MUST and if you have, you MUST continue to Do-Over your weekend every Sunday. Trust, you will not be disappointed you waited on line.



*we are BIG supporters of DJs, so make sure you support them when they come to your town, follow them on twitter, check em out on their myspaces, youtube, ustream, etc…


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