Quik Cali Pound

 Dj Quik w/Kurupt@ HOB            

California Love
California Love

I am not going to lie, I was a little hesitant in accepting the invite to see Dj Quik and Kurupt perform at the House of Blues but who am I to pass up on a live show? Like I had amnesia, frontin’ like I didn’t own Quik’s “91 debut album “Quik is the Name“, yes I had it on heavy rotation in my pull-out radio (wow, how times have changed!).

DJ Quik’s energy level is unlike any other.  His Cali swagger, his nasal melodic tone, and his perfectly bouncin and behavin’ ponytail is a perfect concoction that makes you lower your guard and invites you in to groove all night. Dj Quik gave it up for 2 1/2 hours. Singing, dancing, and a performance brimming in testosterone, only he could pull this off.  He was no act, no “putting on the happy face” for the audience, he was for real about his. Quik made you want to jump up on stage and party with him and Kurupt. His energy pulled you in to where he was at thattime; clearly elevated to a place that only good times live. Kurupt reminded you of that Uncle that you loved to secretly be around at the family BBQ because you knew he was gonna keep it real and say whatever was on his mind (sober or not).

Classics like “Born and Raised in Compton”, “Down, Down, Down”, “Sweet Black…” (apparently he is international with it now), and of course “Tonite”made you proud of the diversity of the Cali sound. While, the night’s performance itself was filled with energy (stage dives, back-flips onto the stage, Gangsta walking, Masai jumping and speaker climbing), the one song that I was looking forward to raising my hands and swaying back and forth to with my lighter, might as well have been an instrumental. When he began “Tonite”, the crowd was hyped to sing along to one of Cali’s anthems but instead WE performed the WHOLE song ourselves, with Quik giving us an occasional lyric here and there! What the…!!!

Tha Dog Pound’s,Kurupt and Daz Dillinger(yes DAZ DILLINGER was in the House!) performed their hits as if they were two little boys on the playground;  full of mischievous and humorous antics. Unfortunately I am not one to sing-a-long to the majority of their songs but my vocals were not missed. The other 998 folks stood in for me and my friend. It still amazes me that women would actually sing EVERY WORD to “It Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Have None” but who am I to judge? Once again, their songs reminded me when Cali was finding it’s voice and place in the soon to come, worldwide phenom of hip-hop. These songs were like no other, in more ways then one. Hit after hit there was NO denying them!

We can never forget our sound, the CALI SOUND, whether you were down for the cause or not. Representing to the fullest is the only way a TRUE Californian knows how to do it. I am all about giving props to those that are deserving and hands down…DJ Quik is the most under the radar, underrated hip hop producers/performers this side of the Humboldt County Belt Line Cali has to offer (let’s not forget about Tony! Tone!Tone!, Suga Free, Xzibit, and Truth Hurt’s classic “Addictive”).

If you think not, the next time he is in town make sure you have the opportunity to go to one of his SOLD OUT performances and get back to me, (if you can get a ticket).


Hushin’ on the Cali side~


*sidebar~I was just wondering if this man ever ages? He looked actually as if he were frozen in time! It’s true Black don’t Crack!


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