Helloooo Zap Mama!


The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles


I Am Zap Mama
I Am Zap Mama

The El Rey Theatre was hit with an energetic force field last night that could only be produced by Marie Daulne and her posse cosmically known as ZAP MAMA! From the moment the curtain was drawn, Zap Mama drew us all in for an aural joy ride to another galaxy where rhythms, acrobatics, and beat boxing are just a means of communicating with Earthlings.  Last night’s performance goes without definition, it took us away from all the crazy happens of the world and showed us what being rich is truly all about….CREATIVITY!!!!

Zap Mama’s seamless blend of African music, Latin music, and of course, Hip-Hop music only confirms how infinite sound really is. Marie and the gang; who by the way stand on their own, with their own individual talents, provided us with a vibrant scenario that only comes with being transported from the cosmos. To be able to connect with the masses on that other level, that outer level!

 Zap Mama isn’t all hippied out but the word eclectic does come to mind when you see them perform. With her vintage vinyl record hat, shoes on shoes off, to the background singer’s (and I use ‘background” lightly) big derby hats gave them that flava that you know cannot be pieced together but it just merely happens.  Seeing this performance at a much smaller venue than The Hollywood Bowl (saw her last year there) was such a treat that gave such a high no drug could come close to giving. 


We Have Lift-Off
We Have Lift-Off

Performance, was the name of the game. You never felt as if the show could’ve been better, or she should’ve sang this track or that track, she gave it to us full force and flawless. Even when she was slightly annoyed with there being “too much saturation” when she was tracking and layer her own beat-box samples… live! She was still on point! Many have studied Marie’s style, many have tried to recreate her cosmic flow but NO ONE holds a flame to her incandescent light.

There was, one thing that was disappointing with the performance…when she said “Thank you and good night!” and the curtains drew, never to open back up.


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