Mmmm Cafe…

MmmMmm Good!
MmmMmm Good!

M Cafe  de Chaya (Beverly Hills), is the spot to acquaint yourself with what is really good in life. Macrobiotic food that is alive and, on the up and up, really VERY good! Everytime I eat here I try to venture out on something new but I must confess to what got me at “Hello” on my first visit is what I call “The Staple” meal.

  • 1 order of steamed kale (small)*
  • 1 order of steamed salmon roll (2pcs.)
  • 1 order of seasoned fries (this was my “something new” this trip)
  • 1 Kale Lemonade

The kale is so vibrantly green, tender and…so F.R.E.S.H it would make Popeye ditch his beloved relationship with spinach. Not to mention being dressed in a light coat of peanut sauce with sauteed red onions might give good ol’ muscle bound Mr. Eye a little more brute. Next up are the fries. One bite and here I am again adding something to my staple of  M Cafe “must haves”.  Just enough of everything; perfectly crisp, perfectly seasoned and just a little pinch of  their ketch up (which of course is natural). In my eyes these fries easily crush the Golden Arches’; they would’ve been a great meal in itself but we must have balance in our life.  The fresh wild salmon cucumber rolls never would leave my taste-buds stranded. These are fairly consistent everytime they are ordered. Light in flavor, generously filled with salmon, nothing fishy (sign of freshness) and the avocado adds that last flavorful punch. Lastly, the kale lemonade (this is a spring item) is refreshing, and very…welllll, how do I put it without putting you off ; “mildly earthy”, you know what I mean, very “green’ tasting. I gotta admit, it is a taste that is acquired, even for my 15 year old vegetarian palate but I must say, there’s nothing more beneficial I would pick up and drink to compliment such an energizing meal.

The Beverly Hills location (the other 2 are on Melrose and in Culver City) atmosphere is great, the cashier (Crawley) one of my favorite people here, always has good suggestions if you ever wanna try something new, there is one thing I must add, be very careful when trying to grab a table outside. It must be something about the people in Beverly Hills, where they feel entitled. Anyway, grab it when you see it open and pay no attention to some raving lady who feels the world owes her and everything in it. The policy is “1st come 1st serve” chick! (sorry just had a moment!).


Hush up and eat!



*not for those who are allergic to peanuts; kale contains peanut sauce (sorry ya’ll)


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