Prince v. Michael Jackson?!


Dj Spinna…”Yous Bad!!!”

If you missed the IV chapter of  Dj Spinna giving it up for 4 hours (yes, you read it correctly 4 hours) of non-stop Prince and Michael Jackson, we must say you missed an experience of a life time! The only way to put it, is how Frolab’s Cognito described it…”Dj Spinna is the Swine Flu, because he is soooo sick!!” And to be perfectly honest, the man is sick!! Spinna flew into LA ready to bruise our senses with the array of tricks he had up his sleeves.

The vibe was perfectly set, a grown and flirtatious crowd, the backdrop of the cinematic classic Purple Rain and vintage videos from The Gloved Wonder and His Purple Highness played behind Spinna as if they were communicating to him like Obie Won Kanobe did with Luke Skywalker.  He hypnotized us with vintage works like Erotic City, Centipede, Lady Cab Driver, Thriller, Let’s Go Crazy, and Remember the Time.  As we allowed ourselves to release the weight of the week off our shoulders and to go further into a trance; you can only imagine the Jedi mind tricks that were assembling in his head on which artist he should play next.? The energy of the crowd was kinetic; bodies were in constant motion as we were taken back to the days of groovin’ in our bedrooms in front of the mirror, believing that Adore was about us and that Billy Jean knew she was wrong for trying to corner MJ into thinking that the son was his!

Ebb & Flow
Ebb & Flow

Dj Spinna gave us not only the direct creations of these two geniuses but also a handful from those who used them as their muse. Floating out of the speakers, Spinna slide into SWV’s “Right Here” paying tribute to MJ’s “Human Nature“, he took us to the playground when we were kids with the Jackson’s “ABC” and then had us chanting the Naughty by Nature anthem “OPP“.

OMG!!! What is this guy trying to do to us? Is he about to play what I think he is… YES!!! When the horns rang out from The Jackson’s “Can You Feel It” we were thurst back  into time when everything was all love. Singing as loud as our voices allowed us to, we felt as if we were part of the dynasty that Joe and Katherine created.

It’s amazing how music can bring us together, make us feel whole, and remind us how things once were. There is no doubt that we have to get back to those days. There are NO words that can truly give Spinna his props for pulling off such a memorable evening. We honestly believe that he, himself didn’t want it to end and we thank him for going strong until 2:45 in the AM!!!!

This nocturnal experience  just wasn’t about Spinna and what he wanted to hear but is was about us! The whole, the group, the collective! The ones who debated on the way to Echoplex about which phenom has the most flammable tracks, which one of these men contributed to the development of the person who we’ve become, or who ignited our memory banks of the days of old we thought were lost.  At the end of the night our legs felt like jello but our souls felt like the party could go on forever!

Now Hush On!


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